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Altamesa Energy Canada Inc. is a Latin and North American-focused Oil & Gas project development, investment and operating company, with corporate headquarters in Montréal (Canada), presence in Houston (United States), with investor relations in Europe and business development in Bogotá (Colombia).


The company strategy is focused on employing disciplined and prudent risk management approach to characterize and select O&G producing assets with upside potential, and then to grow and improve them by applying the best industry practice and relevant technologies, brought from the extensive experience of its management in asset growth and performance improvement.


Altamesa is led by an experienced O&G management team with substantial operational capabilities and an excellent track record obtained with Supermajors and Oil & Gas multinationals in Latin America, North America and globally.


Altamesa is underpinned by an initial portfolio of pre-qualified target assets spread out across several Latin and North American markets.


The company benefits from strategic technological and financial alliances as it seeks to optimise its portfolio of target assets in the Americas.


Altamesa is committed to contributing to the social development of the countries where it operates, with absolute respect for the environment and communities, under the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) work approach.

Solid track record and wide sector experience provide the engine to grow a successful company.

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