Our Mission

Altamesa Energy’s core business is to develop, acquire and transform medium and large-scale oil & gas projects and assets in LatAm.

Our vision

Altamesa aims to become an agile, profitable and responsible energy Company, acquiring and operating O&G investments with upside potential in selective countries in LatAm.


Solid Reputation and Key Alliances

Collectively, the management team of Altamesa brings together a powerful and global technical and financial network as well as a strong reputation with various governmental and private O&G entities.

Versatility and Experience

Members of our managing and executive team have achieved successful careers at the highest level of the O&G industry as a result of outstanding professional technical and managerial paths in major global Oil & Gas companies.


Acting within the appropriate legal framework, we draw on our creativity and sophisticated technical, operational, and financial knowledge to leverage acquisition targets.


Altamesa can move fast to identify and capture the opportunities it targets.


By having an integrated understanding of currently stressed assets and identifying the best intervention strategies to realize better than average returns to investors.

Committed to working responsibly and efficiently with all stakeholders.

Through a disciplined financial approach we achieve an optimal investment structure in our portfolio projects.

A rigorous risk management discipline is part of our portfolio decision-making process, and our asset management strategies to proactively mitigate risks in every opportunity we undertake.

Drawing from its extensive operational history, our executive team brings proven value-adding leading-edge technology solutions and relevant best practices from elsewhere to the projects in our portfolio.


Transparency and Ethics

While acting with complete transparency and following the highest ethical standards, we continue to establish relationships with our stakeholders built on trust.

Compliance and Best Business Practices

We obey and proactively comply with all relevant international and local laws and regulations. We have zero-tolerance to unethical or irresponsible behavior, always promoting the use of best business practices.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We are committed to delivering value to our stakeholders ensuring that safety is at the top of our priorities, while acting in a responsible manner towards our natural environment and the community. Our executives bring a history of operating responsibly.