Loreto: Lot 192 to resume production by mid-2024

Perupetro informed that Altamesa was qualified as a partner of the state oil company Petroperú for the exploitation of Lot 192 located in the district of Andoas, Loreto.

The document with the qualification is expected to pass to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) and its counterpart of Economy and Finance (MEF) and then be forwarded to PCM and the President of the Republic for their final endorsement via decree.

This modification of the contract contemplates that Altamesa enters as a capital participant. From the last approval, the new partnership will have 8 months to start work in the field. There is no clarity on who will take over the damaged assets after the departure of Pluspetrol Norte (PPN), but Perupetro anticipates that it does not correspond to them.