PETROPERÚ provides details on the contract for Block 192

Given the journalistic versions that have been spreading, the state-owned company addresses public opinion to specify the following:

  1. PETROPERÚ has not made any decision regarding the license contract signed with the company Altamesa Energy, for the exploitation of hydrocarbons in Block 192, located between the provinces of Datem del Marañón and Loreto, in the Loreto region.
  2. Likewise, PETROPERÚ records that it has been diligently complying with all the procedures and obligations in order to have the license for its operation in accordance with current legal provisions and the commitments assumed in line with the strategic objectives of the state company.
  3. PETROPERÚ continues firmly in its return to crude oil production activities in the country and its vertical integration, which began in December 2021 with the operation of Block I in the province of Talara and which expects to continue with blocks 64 and 192 in the Peruvian Amazon, which will make it possible to continue generating synergies with the New Talara Refinery, a modern refining complex that is preparing to begin its gradual, progressive and safe start-up on April 12.