Process to add partner in Block 192 progress

With the objective of putting Block 192 into production, and in accordance with Law No. 30357, Petroperú will continue with the process of incorporating Altamesa Energy Canada as a strategic partner for the joint operation of the license contract in the exploitation of hydrocarbons in Block 192.

For this, Petroperú authorized the execution of the contract of terms and conditions for the joint investment in Block 192 and Perupetro will be asked to initiate the qualification of Altamesa Energy Canada, with the purpose of achieving its incorporation as a strategic partner of the aforementioned block.

This company was selected as part of a proposal evaluation process carried out by Petroperú in 2021, as reported at the time.


On February 28, Petroperú and Perupetro signed the License Agreement for the Exploitation of Hydrocarbons –for a period of 30 years– of Block 192, considered the largest oil field in the country, with a total of 127 million recoverable technical reserves. barrels (MMBO), as proven reserves of medium, light and heavy crude oil.

734 Millions of barrels of oil is the accumulated production of Block 192, in the Peruvian jungle.