Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines announces reactivation of the Northern Pipeline

Minister Oscar Vera assured that the future pumping to the coast of the heavy crude from Block 192, which must be mixed with the light one from Talara, will serve to increase the performance of the New Talara Refinery. National Critical Asset was paralyzed since February 2022.

During the last conference of the Council of Ministers, the head of Minem confirmed the information provided in an interview with La República newspaper on April 5, in which he recognized the importance of rehabilitating the branch that will allow the production of Block 192 to be used.

“Thanks to the communications we are having with the different communities, after 400 days the pumping in the North Peruvian Pipeline was restarted, an important activity because it allows us to bring the oil produced in the jungle to the coast,” said Vera Gargurevich.

In this sense, he recalled that the transit of heavy crude from the jungle, through the ONP, is vital for its distillation together with the light variety emanating from the Talara batches , which will be reverted to Petroperú in the coming months.

“The high-conversion fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) and Flexicoking (FCK) units are starting up, with which the process will end in May. We are at a different and very favorable stage for all of us in terms of production,” said the minister.