Petroperu chooses Altamesa Energy Canada as partner for exploiting Block 192 in Loreto

Altamesa Energy Canada Inc. is a Latin American-focused oil and gas investment and operating project development company, with corporate headquarters in Montréal, Canada, and a business development arm in Bogotá, Colombia. But now it is entering the Peruvian market as a partner of the state company Petroperú, with which it will exploit Block 192, in Loreto.

The announcement, in a concise fact of importance communicated to the Superintendency of the Stock Market, comes four months after Frontera Energy announced its withdrawal from the project.

In May, Block 192 did not register production; The state agency Perupetro has remained in charge of the aforementioned lot and guaranteed the care of the assets and facilities, as well as the tasks of environmental surveillance and monitoring, in coordination with the native communities included until the signing of a new exploitation contract.

The hydrocarbon exploitation services contract for Block 192, signed with the company Frontera Energy, ended in February 2021 after almost four years of operations.

In February, Perupetro, through a press release, clarified that the company Frontera Energy del Perú SA is obliged to present its plan to abandon Block 192, in compliance with current environmental regulations and, furthermore, “it is a commitment that it company assumed in the certificate of delivery of the lot, in February of this year”. 

This abandonment plan must be submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Mines for evaluation and approval, if applicable. 

Perupetro previously specified that the signing of a new license contract for the exploitation of hydrocarbons with Petroperú will only be carried out after the prior consultation process has concluded. “It is important to specify that Law 30357 establishes that Block 192 must pass into the hands of Petroperú SA,” the entity specified.

Regarding the environmental remediation of the events that occurred during the five and a half years of operation, the cleanup processes are more than 90% advanced, Frontera said in February. “Frontera Energy thanks Perupetro and Peru for the opportunity given to operate the largest batch in the country,” they communicated.

Frontera Energy executed social responsibility programs for an amount close to S/32 million in health, education, economic development, infrastructure, ethnic cultural strengthening, strengthening and development of indigenous leadership. In total, 8,408 inhabitants (1,748 families) of the 19 communities in the area of ​​lot 192 benefited.

Source: Energiminas